Christine “Chris” Hixson is a Florida CPTED Practitioner (FCP). Chris is a retired law enforcement officer specializing in Physical Security, serving 35 years with the Federal Protective Services (FPS) Department of Homeland Security (DHS). FPS is the primary law enforcement and physical security provider for federally owned and leased facilities.

Chris conducted over 650 security survey assessments utilizing various risk assessment models based on current industry trends and built professional relationships with agency officials, commercial property managers, federal law enforcement, local first responders, and officials. 

She served as the GSA Security Operations oversight for the Hurricane Andrew FEMA Disaster Relief Office August 1992, participated in workgroups, and task force during heightened security such as the Department of Justice (DOJ) Vulnerability Assessment Report 1995 resulting in a national minimum-security standard, and FPS’s development of the first national Federal Security Risk Manager (FSRM) software.

As the GSA Security Consultant for the new federal courthouse in downtown Miami, Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. United States Courthouse, Chris embraced the opportunity of implementing Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design concepts satisfying newly developed DOJ security standards and supporting the City of Miami’s ongoing corridor beautification project. Chris comprehends that each facility must be approached based on their unique design challenges and potential impact to the intended users who work, visit, or reside within those facilities to determine if people are in a safe and security environment and/or if property is at risk.


03/16/2002Bachelor of Professional Administration, Barry University, Miami Shores-FL

Training and Certification

02/28/2024Florida CPTED Practitioner (FCP), Florida Institute of Crime Prevention
12/08/2014Modified Infrastructure Survey Tool (MIST) 2.0, DHS-Federal Protective Services
08/30/2002FPS-ASIS Certificate of Accreditation, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
05/28/1999Risk Assessment Software Programming, Risk Watch, Inc.,
05/12/1999Community Oriented Policing, City of Miami Police Department
11/16/1998Federal Security Risk Manager (FSRM), Applied Research Associates, Inc.
10/24/1994Certified Protection Series – I, American Society of Industrial Security
04/19/1991Conventional Physical Security / Crime Prevention, US Army Military Policy School
11/08/1990Advanced Physical Security Training, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
06/13/1986Police Certification #03-86-999-02, Florida Department of Law Enforcement,
08/05/1985Basic Police, Distinguished Graduate, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
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